the Public Education Health Trust utilizes SupportLinc for the member assistance program (MAP)


At some point in our lives, each of us faces a problem or situation that is difficult to resolve. When these instances arise, SupportLinc will be there to help. The SupportLinc member assistance program (MAP) is a confidential resource that helps you deal with life’s challenges and the demands that come with balancing home and work. SupportLinc provides confidential, professional referrals and up to eight (8) face-to-face counseling sessions for a wide variety of concerns, such as:

Anxiety • Depression • Marriage and Relationship Problems • Grief and Loss • Substance Abuse • Anger Management • Work-Related Pressures • Stress

Contact SupportLinc anytime, day or night, at 1-888-881-LINC (5462).

Expert referrals and consultation

In addition to short-term counseling to address the aforementioned concerns, the MAP also includes work-life resources. Whether you’re a new parent, a caregiver, selling your home or looking for legal advice, you’re likely to need guidance and referrals to expert resources. Call, log in or download the app to receive support through any of the following MAP services:

  • LEGAL ASSIST   Free Telephonic or Face-to-Face Legal Consultation

  • FINANCIAL ASSIST   Expert Financial Planning and Consultation

  • FAMILY ASSIST   Consultation and Referrals for Everyday Issues, Such as Dependent Care, Auto Repair, Pet Care and Home Improvement

MAP WEB and mobile resources

The MAP for PEHT includes a technology suite that delivers on-demand resources and connects members to care.


  • Thousands of Helpful Articles and Tip Sheets for Personal and Work-Related Topics

  • Search Engines and Directories for Child Care, Elder Care, Education, Legal, Financial and Convenience Services

  • Discounted Fitness Center Memberships

  • Secure Video Counseling Through the eConnect® Telehealth Portal

  • Topical eLearning Modules


  • eConnect® Mobile App for On-The-Go Access to the MAP

  • Call or Live Chat with a Licensed Counselor

  • Schedule Video or In-Person Counseling

  • Review a Summary of the MAP for PEHT

  • To download the app, visit the Apple/iTunes or Google Play app store; or scan the QR code to the right. The username for PEHT members is “peht”.